Posted on 08/16/2019 at 02:39 pm

Expect extensive traffic delays on westbound HWY 36

Colorado State Patrol is investigating a traffic crash on westbound HWY 36, near the McCaslin Blvd exit. Expect extensive delays to your commute to Boulder if utilizing westbound Highway 36.

Posted on 08/15/2019 at 05:17 pm

School is Back in Session

School is back in session in Boulder! Please travel carefully and watch for students making their way to and from class. Observing laws, whether driving, bicycling, or walking, helps keep everyone safe.

Posted on 08/06/2019 at 07:58 am

Suicidal Endangered Party

Boulder Police are looking for Ara Tillerman Howard after he made suicidal statements while armed with a knife on 08-05-19 just before 900pm. Mr. Howard left his Boulder residence prior to officers arriving. If you have any information on Mr. Howard or his whereabouts, please call Boulder Police Dispatch at 303-441-3333.

Posted on 08/05/2019 at 04:00 pm

Boulder Police SWAT respond to South Boulder

At approximately 5:29 a.m., this morning, a Boulder Police officer stopped a vehicle with a stolen license plate in the 2800 block of Moorheard Avenue. After the vehicle stopped, the officer heard a gunshot, took a position of cover and called for backup.

Posted on 07/16/2019 at 12:37 am

Boulder police investigating fatal crash

Boulder police are investigating a crash that occurred at approximately 11:15 a.m., this morning, at the intersection of 30th Street and Bluff Street.

Posted on 07/15/2019 at 06:26 am

Boulder Police Seek Help in Locating Missing Woman

On 7/14/19 at 830PM officers responded to the 4800 block of Twin Lakes Road for Alyssa McBride, a 29 year old female, who unexpectedly left her residence. She is described as a white female , 5’5”, 120 pounds with red hair and brown eyes. She was last seen on the east side of the Twin Lakes in Gunbarel wearing a blue polo shirt and tan shorts. If you see Alyssa, please call 911. Thank you for your help.

Posted on 07/13/2019 at 07:59 pm

Man rescued from Boulder Creek and community members administer life saving CPR

At approximately 11:05AM the Boulder Police Department received a 911 call in reference to a male party who had fallen in to the Boulder Creek and was found by two community members. The community members were able to get the male party out of the creek and he was found to be unconscious and not breathing. 911 dispatchers began giving instructions for CPR, while first responders responded to the scene near 13th and Arapahoe Avenue.

Posted on 07/12/2019 at 05:13 am

Caution: Power outage along Arapahoe Ave

As of approximately 9 PM this evening there is a large power outage along the Arapahoe Ave., Corridor. Multiple intersections are dark with inoperable traffic signals. Crews are in the area working to resolve the outage. Please remember to treat all un-controlled intersections as a four way stop and use caution when traveling through dark intersections.

Posted on 06/29/2019 at 12:44 am

The Boulder Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in locating an elderly female with dementia.

At approximately 4:10PM this afternoon, the Boulder Police Department received a call for assistance in reference to an elderly female, who has dementia, and was last seen in the area of 29th Street Mall. The 79 year old female is Noel Osborn and was last seen wearing a white blouse shirt, capris style pants and possible white shoes. Noels is described as approximately 5’3” and 130 pounds and a recent picture of Noel is included in this release. If you see Noel, please call 911.

Posted on 06/29/2019 at 12:10 am

Boulder Police looking for child enticement suspect

On June 20, 2019 at approximately 8:40 p.m., a 9-year-old boy reported he was riding his bike in the area of Spine and Wellington Road and stopped at a nearby park when a man approached and offered him $25 to get in his car. He told the child he would drive him around the block and take him home. The boy quickly left the scene and rode his bike home.

Posted on 06/25/2019 at 10:31 pm

Chief Testa announces retirement from Boulder Police Department

Boulder Police Chief Greg Testa today announced his retirement effective Sept. 3 after nearly 36 years as a police officer, including 32 years with the Boulder Police Department. Testa served as Boulder Police Chief since 2014.

Posted on 06/25/2019 at 10:03 pm

Special Counsel’s Independent Review of the April 5, 2019 Police Incident

The City of Boulder retained Bob Troyer as Special Counsel to conduct a thorough and independent review of the Boulder Police Department's Supervisory Review of the April 5, 2019 contact between Boulder Police officers and Sammie Lawrence. The independent review was to determine whether the department followed procedures properly when deciding not to open an internal affairs investigation. Mr. Troyer has practiced law for over 28 years, 14 of those years as a federal prosecutor and over two years as the United States Attorney for the District of Colorado. Assisting Mr. Troyer were Michael Rankin and Robert Evans, both former FBI Special Agents and Assistant Special-Agents-in-Charge. Mr. Troyer was recommended by Siddhartha Rathod, an attorney for Zayd Atkinson.

Posted on 06/21/2019 at 07:15 pm

Attempted Child Enticement - Gunbarrel

Area of Spine Road and Wellington Road, Boulder, CO: On June 20, 2019 around 8 PM an unknown male attempted to entice a child into his vehicle. This male offered to drive the child around the block then take the child back home. The child quickly left the area and reported the incident. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male with a Spanish accent. The suspect wore a trucker style ballcap with a foam front and had a tattoo on his arm, possibly cursive words. The vehicle is described as older, white/light in color with a sliding door - possibly a van.

Posted on 06/18/2019 at 10:05 pm

Police seek community assistance identifying suspects in a cell phone robbery

On June 12, at approximately 10:30 p.m., a woman was walking in the 1400 block of Spruce Street, when she reported that a man and woman approached her from behind and started talking to her like they knew her. When the woman turned around one of the suspects grabbed her cell phone directly from her hand and then the two individuals took off running. A few hours later the victim located her phone, but other items with the phone were still missing.