Boulder Police

Traffic Alert – Heavy pedestrian traffic in the area of Broadway and surrounding area

Posted on 05/30/2020 at 07:53 pm
Kevin Marples

The Boulder Police Department is suggesting that vehicles avoid the area of southbound Broadway between Arapahoe Avenue and Baseline Road. Community members are currently peacefully protesting and there is currently a heavy pedestrian presence in the area.

We will post updates here.

Update 11:57AM: Community members have continued marching eastbound on University Avenue and northbound on 17th Street.

Update 11:59AM: Community members have continued walking eastbound on Arapahoe Avenue from 17th Street

Update 12:07PM: Community members are continuing eastbound on Arapahoe Avenue from 21st Street. Vehicle traffic please use detours and alternate routes.  

Update 12:12PM: Heavy pedestrian traffic in the area of 28th Street and Arapahoe Avenue. Community members are continuing to walk northbound taking up both lanes of 28th Street.

Update 12:22PM: Now westbound Canyon Blvd from Folsom. Thank you to community members who have avoided traveling by vehicle in the area.

Update 12:28PM: Northbound on 17th Street from Canyon Bvd.

Update 12:34PM: Community members participating in the march are now walking westbound on Pearl Street, approaching the Pear Street Mall.

The peaceful protest has concluded with no incidents being reported. The Boulder Police Department thanks the community and the event organizers for their care to engage in the protest safely.