Boulder Police

Make It Clear by Removing Snow

Posted on 01/25/2019 at 06:37 pm
J. Riley

The current stop of snow fall is January 24th at 11:54 am, enforcement of this issue may begin 24 hours after the stop of snowfall.  

View official weather reports from the National Weather Service, look for the last recording of light snow or snow to determine when snowfall has stopped.

"Make it Clear" and safe for pedestrians commuting by removing, and maintaining public sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Sidewalk Snow and Ice Removal 8-2-13

Any accumulation of snow and ice after a snowfall or snowdrift must be removed as promptly as reasonably possible and no later than 24 hours after the end of a snowfall or drift. Public sidewalks must be maintained clear of snow and ice as needed after the first shoveling. Homes and businesses on corner lots are responsible for clearing all public sidewalks that abut the property, this includes the walks along the front, side, and rear of the property and the pedestrian ramps connecting to the street.

What if I'm physically unable to remove snow from my sidewalk?

Senior citizens and physically disabled persons who are unable to clear snow from their sidewalks may receive assistance through the Boulder County CareConnect SnowBusters Program. Please consider volunteering for this vital service that helps so many residents that need assistance. For more information call 303-443-1933, ext. 413.

Residents may also consider hiring a company to shovel the walks when they are unable to themselves or during extended vacations. 

Some local churches, community groups, and neighbors may also be able to assist residents with this concern. 

Plowing Snow Into Right-of-Way: 8-2-10 (c)

Except in residential areas, snow can not be plowed into any street or alleyway by any person other than by City of Boulder snow removal crews.

For more information, download the "Make it Clear" brochure and visit the Snow and Ice Removal web page.