Boulder Police

Officers respond to a reported shooting, and discover the weapon was a bb gun

Posted on 03/17/2019 at 02:45 pm
Ofc. Kevin Marples

At approximately 2:28AM this morning, the Boulder Police Department Dispatch center, received a phone call from a resident at the Vista Village Mobile Home Community, located at 5000 Butte Street.  The resident reported that she was sleeping and had woke to the sound of three loud pops.  The resident looked at her window and noticed three holes in the window and believed that an unknown suspect had just shot at their home, while driving away from the scene. The resident quickly looked out the window and saw what she believed was a sedan, driving away from her home.

Multiple officers responded to the area, the first officers responded directly to the residence to check for possible victims of the shooting.  Officers who were in contact with the residents, confirmed that though very shaken up, no one in the home was physically harmed.  After further investigation, officers discovered the damage to the window, which had three holes, was caused by BB gun pellets, which were trapped between the two panes of glass.

This information was provided to other officers who remained in the area checking for possible suspects and looking for other damaged property.  No other damaged property was located in the area and officers documented the incident and will be providing extra patrols in the community.  At this time, there is no further information available.