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With 18 vehicles stolen so far this month, police are asking for the public’s help to deter thieves

Posted on 04/23/2019 at 11:34 pm
Ofc. Kevin Marples

Of the 18 stolen vehicle’s only 2 owners reported they locked their car doors.

The Boulder Police Department is warning the public about an increase in the number of motor vehicle thefts occurring within the City of Boulder.  During the first 22 days of April, there have been 18 vehicles stolen, just within the city limits of Boulder.

Of the 18 stolen vehicles:

  • 7 – Parked with the doors unlocked and the keys inside the vehicle
  • 3 – Parked and running with the keys in the ignition
  • 2 – Motorcycles stolen from parking spot

The other 6 vehicles stolen all had variations in how the suspects got control of the vehicle keys.  Of the 18 stolen vehicle’s only 2 owners reported they locked their car doors.  As patrol officers arrest and make contact with known vehicle thieves, they routinely admit that they come to the City of Boulder, specifically because many owners leave their vehicles and homes unlocked.

The Boulder Police Department is asking the public to help deter thieves and protect their possessions, by following these safety tips:

  • Always lock your car doors when leaving your vehicle
  • Never leave a spare key inside or “hidden” on the outside of your vehicle
  • Do not leave valuables in your car and if you have to, lock valuables in the trunk, so they are not visible through a window

In addition to the 18 stole vehicles reported so far this month, there have been 21 reports of suspects trespassing parked vehicles. In the majority of all of these reports, there was no forced entry and the suspect(s) entered the vehicle through unlocked doors.

If you have been the victim of a crime and want to learn more about your reporting options, click here to learn about the City of Boulder Police Department’s online reporting system. 

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