Boulder Police

Caution: Power outage along Arapahoe Ave

Posted on 07/12/2019 at 05:13 am
Kevin Marples

Updated at 10:15PM

 As of approximately 9 PM this evening there is a large power outage along the Arapahoe Ave., Corridor.  Multiple intersections are dark  with inoperable traffic signals. Crews are in the area working to resolve the outage. Please remember  to treat all un-controlled intersections as a four way stop and use caution when traveling through dark intersections.

Please note the Boulder Police Department does not have control or further information about the outage. To report an outage in your location please click here


Update 9:48PM: The intersections along the following routes are currently experiencing power outages:

  • Arapahoe Avenue from 28th Street to approximately 20th Street
  • Canyon Boulevard from 28th Street to Folsom Street
  • Walnut Street at 28th Street
  • Pearl Street from 28th Street to 26th Street

As of 9:40PM the City of Boulder Police Department went on accident alert. To learn more about accident alert, click here.


Update at 10:15PM: Traffic signals are back on and operational at most intersections. Please continue to drive safely.