Animal Protection Information

Posted on 12/18/2019 at 01:41 pm
Dean Cunningham

In the past few months The Boulder Police Department has received community concerns  about a private company providing animal mitigation services.  The Boulder Police Animal Protection Unit is concerned about the welfare of animals, which has resulted from community interactions with this private company. Some of these community members have erroneously believed they were contacting The Boulder Police Department’s Animal Protection Unit when they in fact have called a private company. Animal Protection has been a division of The Boulder Police Department since 2011 and should be the first point of contact when a community member is concerned about the welfare or treatment of animals. Animal Protection consists of six, certified and expertly trained officers, who wear uniforms with appropriate identification while on duty in order to be readily identifiable as police department employees.

Animal Protection is available for animal related questions, concerns or services within the city of Boulder.  Additionally, our officers are first responders for sick, injured or aggressive animals. There are private companies who charge fees for services, such as responding to injured animals,  and those services are provided by Police Department Animal Protection free of charge. If a community member requests a service that the city does not provide, various nuisance wildlife situations for example, there are free resources available and the Animal Protection Unit can assist community members with locating these resources.

Please contact Animal Protection, 303-441-3333, if there are any questions surrounding the services provided by The City of Boulder.