Bicycle Registration

Written on 08/07/2020
Kevin Marples

The Boulder Police Department has teamed up with the nonprofit Bike Index, to provide community members with an opportunity to register their bicycles and report stolen bicycles nationally.  Through Bike Index, community members can register their bicycles, which allows law enforcement to more easily contact you if your bicycle is found or recovered after being stolen. This service is FREE to community members. To increase the ability of law enforcement being able to contact you and return your bicycle, please make sure you update your Bike Index profile with your most current contact information.

If your bicycle was stolen, please complete these two steps:

Step 1: Report stolen bicycle to the Boulder Police Department – Complete Online Report

Step 2: Bike Index Account Update

  • If you have an account with Bike Index, login and update your bicycle’s status to stolen
  • If do NOT have an account with Bike Index, click here to report your bicycle as stolen

As part of the program, your name and contact information is recorded, along with the bicycle make, model and serial number.  Law enforcement will utilize this database to contact you in the event that they recover your bicycle.