City of Boulder Accident Alert

In times of high-call volume and extreme weather, the Boulder Police Department may activate "accident alert". While on accident alert, the City of Boulder Police Department does not respond to property damage motor vehicle accidents.

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Community Mediation Service

The City of Boulder Community Mediation Service assists in resolving disputes for City of Boulder residents in the areas of landlord-tenant, roommates, neighbors, seniors, parent/teen, teen/teen, victim/offender, community groups, schools, inter-employee for nonprofit agencies, City of Boulder, race and cross-cultural relations, and human rights.

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Digital Dog Licensing Program

Through a new partnership with Docupet obtaining a dog license is easier than ever. Community members can now license and renew their dog licenses online at, over the phone at 1 (855) 249-1370, by mail, or in person at multiple locations throughout the city.

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Evictions - Civil Process

As outlined in Colorado state law, evictions are a civil process and fall under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s office, having jurisdiction for the residence. If you have questions about the eviction process or are a landlord and want to begin the eviction process, please contact the Civil Division of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

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Within the City of Boulder the Police Department enforces both statutes defined by the Boulder Revised Code (BRC) and Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS). CRS is made up of Statewide laws which are applicable to all jurisdictions with in the State of Colorado. BRC is only applicable with in the City of Boulder. Both of these documents are public and available for you to search and review through their online systems.

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Mobile App Data Privacy

As the Boulder Police Department begins to use new technology to communicate with the community, it is important to us that the community members understand this technology and how it will be utilized.

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Neighborhood Policing Area Program

The City of Boulder Police Department has created a program called Neighborhood Policing Areas. As a part of the Neighborhood Policing Areas program police officers are assigned to specific neighborhoods, so that they can work with community members and business owners, to collaboratively address crimes and other community issues in an effort build vibrant livable communities.

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Neighborhood Surveillance Camera Program

The Boulder Police Department is forming a community partnership where all residents and businesses that have surveillance cameras can work together to solve crime. Police investigations frequently involve time-intensive neighborhood canvasses in an effort to locate a surveillance camera that may have captured evidence related to a crime. Knowing ahead of time where cameras are located greatly speeds up investigations. Many times, the best available video evidence isn’t of the crime itself, but of pathways and streets leading into and out of the scene.

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Phone Scams

Unfortunately thousands of consumers across the United States fall victim to phone scams each year. If you are receiving phone calls, text messages or emails from an individual and/or corporation, which you believe to be fraudulent, we strongly recommend you make a report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through their website.

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Xcel Energy Power Outage Reporting

If you are currently experiencing a power outage, please contact Xcel Energy by phone or through their online reporting site. The Boulder Police Department does not receive information from Xcel Energy in reference to power outages.

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