Community Mediation Service

Written on 07/23/2018
City of Boulder

The Mediation Resource Center is managed by the City of Boulder Family Services Department.

The City of Boulder Community Mediation Service assists in resolving disputes for City of Boulder residents in the areas of landlord-tenant, roommates, neighbors, seniors, parent/teen, teen/teen, victim/offender, community groups, schools, inter-employee for nonprofit agencies, City of Boulder, race and cross-cultural relations, and human rights.

What is Mediation: Mediation is a dispute resolution process involving a neutral third-party (the mediator) that is an alternative to going to court or continuing to fight in a conflict situation. It is a consensual process, meaning both parties must voluntarily agree to mediate the dispute. One exception to this is court-ordered mediation, where a dispute has already been taken to court and the judge or magistrate orders the parties to attempt to mediate the dispute before s/he will rule on the case.

What Does the Mediator Do: The mediator is a trained neutral party that facilitates the mediation process. Mediators are not judges. Their role is to help the individuals or groups involved in the conflict to isolate their issues, list possible solutions to each of those issues and then choose the mutually acceptable solutions to comprise a final agreement.

What Kinds of Disputes Can Be Mediated: Mediation can utilized in almost any dispute, such as international conflict, labor disputes, or child custody disagreements. Our service at the City of Boulder Community Mediation Service is for city of Boulder residents or for conflicts related to property located in the city. We provide mediations for conflicts between landlords and tenants, roommates, neighbors, City of Boulder Departments, private nonprofits, community groups, parent-teen, teen-teen, and restorative justice conflicts.

When and Where Do Mediation Sessions Take Place: We can schedule a two-hour session during the day, or in the evening, any day of the week. We can accommodate most any time that works for all the parties involved. The sessions take place at the City of Boulder's Children, Youth and Family Building at 2160 Spruce St., near downtown Boulder, next door to the Spruce Pool.

How Much Does Mediation Cost: Our service is subsidized with city taxes, so each party pays only $30 for each two-hour session. This fee can be waived if someone is unable to pay. Sometimes one party offers to pay the other side's fee as an incentive to bring them to mediation.

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