Party Registration Program

Written on 08/21/2019
Kevin Marples

The goal of this program is to promote being a good neighbor

The City of Boulder is following the guidelines recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and specifically recommends that community members practice good personal hygiene, refrain from attending/hosting large gatherings/parties and practice safe social distancing. For complete details about how the City of Boulder is responding to COVID-19, please click here.


In August of 2019, the City of Boulder Police Department launched a Party Registration Program. The program allows residents, through an online form, to notify the police department of a planned party. The goal of this program is to promote being a good neighbor, while providing the police department an opportunity to partner with community members to better address their concerns.

Party Registration Program

  • Community members who live in the City of Boulder can register their party using the below link.
  • If during your registered party, the Boulder Police Department receives a complaint in reference to the noise or other issue, the listed contact(s) for the party may receive a telephone call from police dispatch. The dispatcher will inform the resident that there has been a complaint in reference to their party and they have 20-minutes to end the party.
  • Failure to end the party within the 20-minute window, or subsequent complaints, may result in an officer being dispatched to the residence, which could result in a summons being issued.
  • Registering a party is not a permit and does not authorize you or your residence to violate any City of Boulder or State of Colorado laws or regulations. In addition, just because a party is registered, does not mean officers are prohibited from making contact and/or requesting the party be shut down at any point.


  • Community Members  who register their party are provided an added courtesy from the police department and an opportunity to voluntarily comply with the request to end their party, following a complaint, prior to any law enforcement contact. Thus decreasing the probability of law enforcement contact and the potential issuance of a summons.
  • Allows Boulder Police staff to be available for other calls for service and address other community concerns.
  • Provides Boulder Police staff a resource to more quickly address community concerns in reference to a nuisance party. By allowing a dispatcher to contact the residents by telephone, community members will potentially have their complaint resolved without having to wait the added time for a uniformed officer to be available.

Party Registration Form